It’s that time of year again: river surf comp season! With that, we’re running the second annual Colorado SUP River Surf Championship Tour!

Here’s how it works. For each competition, points will be awarded to the top eight placing participants. The more competitions you attend and the better you place within each competition, the more points you will receive. At the end of the season, winners will be announced and prizes awarded!

The points will be awarded as follows:

  • 10,000 points for each 1st place finish
  • 7,500 points for each 2nd place finish
  • 5,600 points for each 3rd place finish
  • 4,200 points for each 4th place finish
  • 3,100 points for each 5th place finish
  • 2,300 points for each 6th place finish
  • 1,700 points for each 7th place finish
  • 1,200 points for each 8th place finish
  • The total score for the Tour will be calculated by dropping the lowest score and adding up the rest of the scores
  • Points will only be awarded to participants of the top skill divisions. If there are Intermediate and Advanced divisions at an event, only the participants of the Advanced division will receive point rewards
  • There are both Men’s and Women’s divisions
  • If two competitors tie in an event, they are both awarded points for place they took in that competition
  • If two competitors tie at the end of the tour, their dropped score will be used to tiebreak
  • Badfish SUP will be helping judge each event to keep the scoring consistent between events

Current participant list and scores can be found on the 2017 Colorado SUP River Surf Championship Tour leaderboard.

The current list of Tour competitions are as follows:

The Golden Games: Saturday, May 20st
CKS Paddlefest: Friday, May 26th
Animas River Days: Saturday, June 3rd
FIBArk: Friday, June 16th

Additional events may be added to the Tour provided they a) are announced at least four weeks in advance and b) do not conflict with an existing Tour date. If new events are added to the Tour, they will be announced here on the SUP for the Soul blog. You can also check the current list of events on the 2017 Colorado SUP River Surf Championship Tour leaderboard.

Winners will be announced shortly after the last event. Prizes will be awarded to the top three competitors in both Men’s and Women’s categories. Colorado River Surf Co is a sponsor and will be providing trophies. Badfish SUP is also a sponsor this year and will be providing prizes. I am also looking for additional sponsors to kick in more gear for the winners. If you know of any cool companies who would be willing to sponsor the Tour, have them contact me.


Written by | Benjamin

Benjamin Smith is a land locked surfer living in Colorado. He gets his surfing fix on the local rivers, where he SUP surfs standing waves.

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