Paddlefest is complete and with it we have the results for the 2nd stop on the Colorado SUP River Surf Championship Tour.

Women’s Pro:
1. Vanessa Taylor
2. Brittany Parker
3. Natali Zollinger 
4. Nadia Almuti 
5. Erin Livingston 

Men’s Pro:
1. Miles Harvey
2. Mike Tavares
3. Spencer Lacy
4. Bodhi Harrison
5. Ben Smith
6. Matt Gagen
7. Luke Hopkins
8. Dan McGraw
9. Rich Harrison 

Click here to see the current overall leaderboard for the tour.

In the Women’s division, we saw a couple of great surfers enter the Tour: Vanessa Taylor and Brittany Parker. They placed 1st and 2nd respectively which puts them overall in 2nd and 4th places. The overall scores are very close with Erin Livingston holding onto the lead by just 100 points, and Nadia Almuti edging out Brittany Parker for 3rd place by 100 points.

In the Men’s division, Miles Harvey is widening his overall lead with another 1st place win. Bodhi Harrison holds onto his overall rank of 2nd by 100 points over Mike Tavares. The race for 4th place is also heated with Hunter Gillane and Spencer Lacy tied.

Surf Comp, Paddlefest 2016
Bodhi Harrison mid pop shuvit

This weekend is the Animas River Days, and the 3rd stop in the tour. I think we could see lot of changes in the overall ranks of the competitors. Stay tuned!


Written by | Benjamin

Benjamin Smith is a land locked surfer living in Colorado. He gets his surfing fix on the local rivers, where he SUP surfs standing waves.

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